Our Journey

Hi! We're Bhaggie and Shakti, the mother-daughter duo behind Imprints of Earth!  We are ceramicists who are passionate about creativity as a healing force. Ceramics has given us time and space to express and rediscover ourselves artistically, and to be mindful, and to find joy again after a significant personal loss.

Bhaggie was one of Manchester Craft and Design Centre's Hands On Bursary winners in 2021.  We love to handbuild and throw advanced carefully-considered forms before relinquishing them to the uninhibited flames of the fire. In this way, ceramics becomes a metaphor for life; recognising when to let go, and finding beauty in the ashes of the unexpected.

Our work exposes the chaos of human emotions; juxtaposing raw, organic pit-fired and Raku work with playfully glazed, spirited pieces. Join us on this adventure of contradiction, as we rise from the ashes on this beautifully messy, occasionally painful, yet always immensely-joy filled journey we call life.

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