Hi! We're Bhaggie & Shakti, the mother-daughter duo behind Imprints of Earth. We're ceramicists who are passionate about creativity as a healing force. Ceramics has given us the time and space to express and rediscover ourselves  artistically, to be mindful, and to find joy again after a significant personal loss. We have a humble set-up, making from our small studio-shop nestled in the heart of Manchester's Northern Quarter.

  • Welcome to Imprints of Earth!

    Discover unique ceramics to embrace your inner bohemian. Our mission is simple: we create one-off pieces which celebrate the beauty found in the imperfect, and bring a little spirit to your surroundings!

  • Our Mantra

    We are continuously learning; experimenting with style, techniques and tone. For us, each piece is ultimately a metaphor for life; recognising when to let go, and finding beauty in the unexpected.

  • Our Journey

    Our work exposes the chaos of human emotion; juxtaposing raw, organic work with playful, spirited pieces. Join us on this adventure of contradiction in this beautifully messy journey of life.